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Five hundred million years of extinction and recovery: a phanerozoic survey of large‐scale diversity patterns in fishes
Abstract:  Fishes include more than half of all living animals with backbones, but large-scale palaeobiological patterns in this assemblage have not received the same attention as those forExpand
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Initial radiation of jaws demonstrated stability despite faunal and environmental change
More than 99 per cent of the roughly 58,000 living vertebrate species have jaws. This major clade, whose members are collectively known as gnathostomes (‘jawed mouths’), made its earliest definitiveExpand
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100-Million-Year Dynasty of Giant Planktivorous Bony Fishes in the Mesozoic Seas
From Big Fish to Big Whales Whales are the largest animals today, and many feed on the abundant plankton, particularly diatoms, in the oceans. Whales arose and diversified in the Cenozoic, about 30Expand
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Early members of ‘living fossil’ lineage imply later origin of modern ray-finned fishes
Modern ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii) comprise half of extant vertebrate species and are widely thought to have originated before or near the end of the Middle Devonian epoch (around 385 millionExpand
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Mosaicism in a new Eocene pufferfish highlights rapid morphological innovation near the origin of crown tetraodontiforms
Tetraodontiformes (pufferfishes and kin) is a taxonomically and structurally diverse, widely-distributed clade of acanthomorphs, whose members often serve as models for genomics and, increasingly,Expand
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Review of the danian vertebrate fauna of southern Scandinavia
The vertebrate fauna in the Danian deposits of Denmark and southern Sweden is reviewed. Remains of sharks and bony fishes are widely distributed but not common in the Danian limestones, with theExpand
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Palaeontology: A jaw-dropping fossil fish
The ancestors of modern jawed vertebrates are commonly portrayed as fishes with a shark-like appearance. But a stunning fossil discovery from China puts a new face on the original jawed vertebrate.Expand
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