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Precise gene fusion by PCR.
A phosphatase holoenzyme comprised of Shoc2/Sur8 and the catalytic subunit of PP1 functions as an M-Ras effector to modulate Raf activity.
It is proposed that the Shoc2-PP1c holoenzyme provides an attractive therapeutic target for inhibition of the MAPK pathway in cancer. Expand
Leukocyte adhesion deficiency-III is caused by mutations in KINDLIN3 affecting integrin activation
It is shown that transfection of the subjects' lymphocytes with KINDLIN3 complementary DNA but not CALDAGGEF1 cDNA reverses the LAD-III defect, restoring integrin-mediated adhesion and migration. Expand
Polyoma and SV40 proteins differentially regulate PP2A to activate distinct cellular signaling pathways involved in growth control
A novel role of PP2A in stimulating the MAP kinase cascade is highlighted and it is indicated that the similar polyoma and SV40 small T-antigens influencePP2A to activate discrete cellular signaling pathways involved in growth control. Expand
p53-dependent apoptosis or growth arrest induced by different forms of radiation in U2OS cells: p21WAF1/CIP1 repression in UV induced apoptosis
It is found that the osteosarcoma cell line, U2OS, is capable of undergoing either p53 dependent apoptosis or cell cycle arrest in response to distinct forms of radiation and that the repression of p21WAF1/CIP1 after UVC may contribute to the efficient induction of apoptosis in Response to this particular insult. Expand
Primate homologues of rat TGN38: primary structure, expression and functional implications.
It is suggested that TGN38 homologues are mucin-like molecules that regulate membrane traffic to and from the TGN, which has most of the properties of mucins. Expand
Tumor suppressor p16INK4a determines sensitivity of human cells to transformation by cooperating cellular oncogenes.
It is found that human diploid fibroblasts that are specifically deficient for p16INK4a achieve anchorage independence when transduced with retroviruses encoding telomerase (hTERT) and either Ras or Myc and together enable the cells to form tumors in nude mice but at a frequency that suggests additional genetic changes. Expand
CpG methylation and the binding of YY1 and ETS proteins to the Surf-1/Surf-2 bidirectional promoter.
In transient transfection assays, transcription in both the Surf-1 and the surf-2 direction is severely reduced by CpG methylation, and it is shown that methylation of a single C within the Su2 site is sufficient to prevent ETS factor binding. Expand
One INK4 gene and no ARF at the Fugu equivalent of the human INK4A/ARF/INK4B tumour suppressor locus
It is concluded that the gene duplication event that generated adjacent InK4A and INK4B genes and the association of ARF with the ancestral INk4A gene occurred after the divergence of the lineage leading to mammals from fish. Expand
Polyoma DNA: a physical map.
Analysis by electron microscopy of replicating DNA molecules cut with the Hin(III) enzyme has indicated that the origin of DNA replication is located at 71 +/- 3 map units from the EcoR(I) cleavage site, probably in Hpa(II)-5. Expand