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Autism and Schizophrenia: Intestinal Disorders
The data provide support for the proposal that many patients with schizophrenia or autism suffer due to absorption of exorphins formed in the intestine from incomplete digestion of gluten and casein. Expand
Effect of renal denervation on elevation of blood pressure in cold-exposed rats.
Plasma renin activities and renal norepinephrine content of kidneys of both RD groups at 7 weeks after RD were significantly less than those of sham-operated controls, confirming that renal nerves had been severed. Expand
β-Casomorphin Induces Fos-Like Immunoreactivity in Discrete Brain Regions Relevant to Schizophrenia and Autism
The induction of Fos-like immunoreactivity (FLI) was used to determine the brain localization affected by b-casomorphin-7 (b-CM7). Peripheral administration of human b-CM7 at different doses (5, 10Expand
Relation of β-casomorphin to apnea in sudden infant death syndrome
The possible relationship between beta-CM and SIDS is reviewed in the context of passage of beta- CM through the gastrointestinal tract and the blood-brain barrier (BBB), permeability of the BBB to peptides in infants, and characterization of the casomorphin system in the brain. Expand
Aging and fluid homeostasis in rats.
The major deficits in fluid intake in aging rats are related to salt appetite; the mechanism was not identified definitively. Expand
Characteristics of thirst and sodium appetite in mice (Mus musculus).
It is shown that mice are refractory to the induction of either water or NaCl intake by stimuli of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, stimulation that is highly effective in rats; this suggests that there may be major differences among rodents in the hormonal determinants of behaviors related to hydromineral homeostasis. Expand
Effect of nonpeptide angiotensin receptor antagonists on water intake and salt appetite in rats
Data suggest that both AT-1 and AT-2 receptor subtypes in the brain are involved in angiotensin-related water and NaCl intakes. Expand
Role of the sympathetic nervous system in cold-induced hypertension in rats.
Whether alterations in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, including the baroreceptor reflex, occur during exposure to cold and whether they contribute to cold-induced hypertension is investigated. Expand
Dietary intervention and training in swimmers
Determination of CK and LDH before, immediately after, and at intervals afterwards showed that CK andLDH increased less when GES was the test fluid during exercise than when water was consumed, which was more rapid when MPS was the post-exercise fluid than when the sucrose solution was given. Expand
Age-related decline in thirst and sodium appetite in rats related to kininase II inhibition
Reduced thirst and sodium appetite are found in conjunction with kininase II (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors in aging rats, possibly because they fail to generate the high levels of circulating renin seen in young rats under these conditions. Expand