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Efficient Private Matching and Set Intersection
This work considers the problem of computing the intersection of private datasets of two parties, where the datasets contain lists of elements taken from a large domain, and presents protocols, based on the use of homomorphic encryption and balanced hashing, for both semi-honest and malicious environments. Expand
Don't settle for eventual: scalable causal consistency for wide-area storage with COPS
This paper identifies and defines a consistency model---causal consistency with convergent conflict handling, or causal+---that is the strongest achieved under these constraints and presents the design and implementation of COPS, a key-value store that delivers this consistency model across the wide-area. Expand
Frenetic: a network programming language
Frenetic provides a declarative query language for classifying and aggregating network traffic as well as a functional reactive combinator library for describing high-level packet-forwarding policies that facilitates modular reasoning and enables code reuse. Expand
Tarzan: a peer-to-peer anonymizing network layer
Measurements show that Tarzan imposes minimal overhead over a corresponding non-anonymous overlay route, and Protocols toward unbiased peer-selection offer new directions for distributing trust among untrusted entities. Expand
Ethane: taking control of the enterprise
Ethane allows managers to define a single network-wide fine-grain policy, and then enforces it directly, and this design is backwards-compatible with existing hosts and switches. Expand
Stronger Semantics for Low-Latency Geo-Replicated Storage
The evaluation shows that the Eiger system achieves low latency, has throughput competitive with eventually-consistent and non-transactional Cassandra, and scales out to large clusters almost linearly (averaging 96% increases up to 128 server clusters). Expand
Democratizing Content Publication with Coral
CoralCDN is a peer-to-peer content distribution network that allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand, all for the price of a cheap broadband InternetExpand
On-the-fly verification of rateless erasure codes for efficient content distribution
This paper presents a practical scheme, based on homomorphic hashing, that enables a downloader to perform on-the-fly verification of erasure-encoded blocks. Expand
Blockstack: A Global Naming and Storage System Secured by Blockchains
This paper describes the experiences operating a large deployment of a decentralized PKI service built on top of the Namecoin blockchain, and presents various challenges pertaining to network reliability, throughput, and security that were needed to overcome while registering and updating over 33,000 entries and 200,000 transactions on the Namecoins blockchain. Expand