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The role of industrial fisheries and oceanographic change in the decline of North Sea black‐legged kittiwakes
Summary 1 Marine predators can be adversely affected by human activities in several potentially interacting ways. Industrial fisheries can affect predator populations adversely throughExpand
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The interplay between culling and density‐dependence in the great cormorant: a modelling approach
Summary 1  The population of great cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis breeding in northern Europe has increased from 5000 pairs around 1970 to c. 100 000 pairs in the late 1990s, leading toExpand
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Long‐term changes in breeding phenology at two seabird colonies in the western North Sea
There is compelling evidence that the breeding phenology of many species has changed substantially in recent decades. However, taxonomic and spatial variation in the direction and rate of change isExpand
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Survival of Gannets Morus bassanus in Britain and Ireland, 1959–2002
Capsule The mean annual survival of adult Gannets was 92% and about 30% of young survived to an age of four years. Aims To obtain the first estimates of the survival of British and Irish Gannets fromExpand
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The importance of natal dispersal in a colonial seabird, the Black Guillemot Cepphus grylle
We studied inter-colony natal dispersal in a metapopulation of Black Guillemots Cepphus grylle in the Breidafjordur area in western Iceland 1995-97. About 9000 chicks had beer ringed in a largeExpand
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Trends in annual and seasonal survival of Pink‐footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus
Adult Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus from the Svalbard breeding population were neck-banded and resighted in staging and wintering areas outside the breeding season 1990-1999. We estimatedExpand
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Within- and between-year variation in the juvenile survival of Common Guillemots Uria aalge
We studied juvenile survival of 20 cohorts of Common Guillemot Uria aalge chicks colour-ringed on the Isle of May, Scotland, using both live observations at the colony and dead recoveries, allowingExpand
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An ingestible self-orienting system for oral delivery of macromolecules
Delivering fragile drugs to the gut Oral delivery is the simplest and least invasive way to deliver many pharmaceuticals, but many drugs and medications, including insulin, cannot survive passageExpand
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Between‐winter emigration rates are linked to reproductive output in Greenland White‐fronted Geese Anser albifrons flavirostris
Between-winter emigration rates are linked to reproductive output in Greenland White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons flavirostris CHIARA MARCHI, IRENE F. SANZ, ELÉONORE BLOT, JANNICK HANSEN, ALYN J.Expand
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Spatial and temporal changes in non-structural carbohydrate reserves in eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) in Danish coastal waters
Abstract The spatial and seasonal changes of total non-structural carbohydrate (TNC) reserves in above- and belowground tissues in eelgrass (Zostera marina) were assessed at four different samplingExpand
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