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The coastal zone is where land, ocean, and atmosphere interact. It exhibits a wide diversity of geomorphological types and ecosystems, each one displaying great variability in terms of physical andExpand
Photosynthesis and Calcification at Cellular, Organismal and Community Levels in Coral Reefs: A Review on Interactions and Control by Carbonate Chemistry
SYNOPSIS. Photosynthesis and calcification in zooxanthellate scleractinian corals and coral reefs are reviewed at several scales: cellular (pathways and transport mechanisms of inorganic carbon andExpand
Budgeting sinks and sources of CO2 in the coastal ocean: Diversity of ecosystems counts
[1] Air-water CO2 fluxes were up-scaled to take into account the latitudinal and ecosystem diversity of the coastal ocean, based on an exhaustive literature survey. Marginal seas at high andExpand
Marine calcification as a source of carbon dioxide : positive feedback of increasing atmospheric CO2
Calcification is a well-recognized source of CO2 to the surrounding water and thus a potential source of atmospheric CO2 due to chemical equilibria involving the CO2 species. The released CO2:Expand
Gas transfer velocities of CO2 in three European estuaries (Randers Fjord,Scheldt, and Thames)
We measured the flux of CO 2 across the air‐water interface using the floating chamber method in three European estuaries with contrasting physical characteristics (Randers Fjord, Scheldt, andExpand
Effect of calcium carbonate saturation of seawater on coral calcification
Abstract The carbonate chemistry of seawater is usually not considered to be an important factor influencing calcium-carbonate-precipitation by corals because surface seawater is supersaturated withExpand
Variability of the gas transfer velocity of CO2 in a macrotidal estuary (the Scheldt)
We report a large set of 295 interfacial carbon dioxide (CO2) flux measurements obtained in the Scheldt estuary in November 2002 and April 2003, using the floating chamber method. From concomitantExpand
The Carbon budget of the North Sea
Abstract. A carbon budget has been established for the North Sea, a shelf sea on the NW European continental shelf. The carbon exchange fluxes with the North Atlantic Ocean dominate the gross carbonExpand
Atmospheric CO2 flux from mangrove surrounding waters
[1] The partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) was measured at daily and weekly time scales in the waters surrounding mangrove forests in Papua New Guinea, the Bahamas and India. The pCO2 values range fromExpand
The European coastal zone: characterization and first assessment of ecosystem metabolism
Abstract The geomorphic, oceanographic, terrestrial and anthropogenic attributes of the European coastal zone are described and published data on ecosystem function (primary production andExpand