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The hafnium and neodymium isotope composition of seawater in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
We present the first combined dissolved hafnium (Hf) and neodymium (Nd) concentrations and isotope compositions of deep water masses from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Eight full depthExpand
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Southern Ocean control of silicon stable isotope distribution in the deep Atlantic Ocean
The fractionation of silicon (Si) stable isotopes by biological activity in the surface ocean makes the stable isotope composition of silicon (delta Si-30) dissolved in seawater a sensitive tracer ofExpand
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The influence of water mass mixing on the dissolved Si isotope composition in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Silicon isotopes are a powerful tool to investigate the cycling of dissolved silicon (Si). In this study the distribution of the Si isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid (δ30Si(OH)4) wasExpand
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Neodymium isotopic characterization of Ross Sea Bottom Water and its advection through the southern South Pacific
Since the inception of the international GEOTRACES program, studies investigating the distribution of trace elements and their isotopes in the global ocean have significantly increased. In spite ofExpand
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Beryllium 10, thorium 230, and protactinium 231 in Galapagos microplate sediments: Implications of hydrothermal activity and paleoproductivity changes during the last 100,000 years
Biogenic particle fluxes from highly productive surface waters, boundary scavenging, and hydrothermal activity are the main factors influencing the deposition of radionuclides in the area of theExpand
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Deep-sea Fe-Mn Crusts from the Northeast Atlantic Ocean: Composition and Resource Considerations
Eighteen deep-sea ferromanganese crusts (Fe-Mn crusts) from 10 seamounts in the northeast Atlantic were studied. Samples were recovered from water depths of ∼1,200 to ∼4,600 m from seamounts nearExpand
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Corrigendum to “Constraining the oceanic barium cycle with stable barium isotopes” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 434 (2016) 1–9]
After publication of our paper (Cao et al., 2016), we recently detected an unaccounted for matrix effect in the seawater Ba isotope measurements. Because our data were among the first seawater BaExpand
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