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Remarks on certain separability structures and their applications to general relativity
General results of the theory of separability for the geodesic equation in (Vn, g) are applied to deduce the canonical form of a separable metric withn- 2 Killing vectors. Applications to vacuum
Variational formulation of general relativity from 1915 to 1925 “Palatini's method” discovered by Einstein in 1925
Among the three basic variational approaches to general relativity, the metric-affine variational principle, according to which the metric and the affine connection are varied independently, is
Recent Developments in General Relativity
General Perspectives.- Special Relativity at Action in the Universe.- String Theory and General Relativity.- Virgo - a Laser Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection.- A Space Test of General
Extended theories of gravity and their cosmological and astrophysical applications
Astrophysical observations are pointing out huge amounts of “dark matter” and “dark energy” needed to explain the observed large scale structure and cosmic dynamics. The emerging picture is a
Gauge Natural Theories
Gauge Natural field theories are introduced to generalize natural theories as well as pure gauge theories and to encompass many relevant physical situations. Conserved quantities and superpotentials
On the wave equation in curved spacetime
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Separability structures and Killing-Yano tensors in vacuum type-D space-times without acceleration
Relationships among the existence of Killing tensors, Killing-Yano tensors, and separability structures with two Killing vectors in vacuum type-D space times are investigated. It is proved that the