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Comparison of Respiratory Rates Derived from Heart Rate Variability, ECG Amplitude, and Nasal/Oral Airflow
It would often be desirable to obtain the respiratory rate during everyday conditions without obtaining an additional respiratory trace. This study investigates the agreement between respiratory rateExpand
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In vivo cardiac phase response curve elucidates human respiratory heart rate variability.
Recovering interaction of endogenous rhythms from observations is challenging, especially if a mathematical model explaining the behaviour of the system is unknown. The decisive information forExpand
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Further evidence that Cerebrolysin protects cortical neurons from neurodegeneration in vitro.
The effects of Cerebrolysin on isolated chicken cortical neurons in an iron induced oxidative stress model and in a combined iron-glutamate model have been examined. In a first part of experiments itExpand
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Effects of speech therapy with poetry on heart rate rhythmicity and cardiorespiratory coordination.
Our objective was to study the effects of guided rhythmic speech with poetry, referred to as anthroposophical therapeutic speech (ATS), on binary differential heart rate dynamics (also called musicalExpand
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Why Life Oscillates - Biological Rhythms and Health
A multitude of biological rhythms have been identified in the whole organism as well as within each living cell. Some of these rhythms reflect adaptations to our environment, while others run onExpand
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[Effects of speech therapy with poetry on heart rate variability and well-being].
BACKGROUND Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech uses poems and exercises which typically induce rhythmical breathing. Speaking influences respiration and thus directly heart rate variability (HRV), inExpand
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The symphony of life. Importance, interaction, and visualization of biological rhythms.
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Why Life Oscillates – from a Topographical Towards a Functional Chronobiology
Chronobiology has identified a multitude of rhythms within our body as well as within each living cell. Some of these rhythms, such as the circadian and circannual, interact with our environment,Expand
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Cerebrolysin protects neurons from ischemia-induced loss of microtubule--associated protein 2.
Microtubule — associated protein 2 (MAP2) was studied in cultured neurons from chick embryo hemispheres after neuronal damage caused by cytotoxic ischemia. Cortical cells were pretreated with 0, 10,Expand
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Multimodal Therapy Concept and Aerobic Training in Breast Cancer Patients With Chronic Cancer-Related Fatigue
Hypothese: Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) and sleep disorders are some of the most wearing and common symptoms in disease-free breast cancer patients (BC). Aerobic training (AT) is the treatment withExpand
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