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Extraction Strings for Ureteric Stents: Is There an Increased Risk for Urinary Tract Infections?
In the present study, an increased rate of post-operative urinary tract infections in patients with an extraction string attached to the ureteral stent is not observed andExtraction string is a good option for patients to avoid cystoscopic stent removal. Expand
[The epidemiology of lip and mouth malignancies].
[Experimental research following intratumor bleomycin use in the nude mouse model of oral mucosa cancer and the clinical pilot study].
Experiments concerning the kinetics and bio-distribution of 57Co-Bleomycin in three different lines of the squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity in a nude-mouse model yielded a more than tenfoldExpand
[Results of in vitro sperm penetration tests in cervical mucus under takings of the sequential oral contraceptive ovanon and sequilar (author's transl)].
The in vitro penetrability of cervical mucus by sperm was investigated in women who were taking Ovanon or Sequilar and the hypothetical relationship between these data and the problem of cervical carcinoma was described. Expand
[Evaluation of intratumoral bleomycin application in a tumor model and in a clinical pilot study].
It seems that the postulated advantages of intratumoral application--increased concentration and depot effect in the tumor tissue--are no longer tenable, thus large-scale clinical trials with intrumoral bleomycin treatment cannot be justified. Expand
[The effect of locally applied Grisaldone or choline salicylate gel on bone healing after tooth extraction in animal experiments].
Comparative histological and experimental animal studies showed that Grisaldon tends to hinder the course of reparation of bone, whereas choline salicylate gel has no appreciable influence upon the time course of wound healing. Expand
[Breast carcinoma and pregnancy].