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In vivo measurement of human tibial strains during vigorous activity.
Our understanding of mechanical controls on bone remodeling comes from studies of animals with surgically implanted strain gages, but in vivo strain measurements have been made in a single human onlyExpand
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Inducible cyclo‐oxygenase (COX‐2) mediates the induction of bone formation by mechanical loading in vivo
  • M. Forwood
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of bone and mineral research : the…
  • 1 November 1996
In vivo, indomethacin blockade of bone formation has been used to illustrate the role of prostaglandins. Indomethacin blocks the constitutive (COX‐1) and inducible (COX‐2) forms of cyclo‐oxygenase,Expand
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Does microdamage accumulation affect the mechanical properties of bone?
It has never been demonstrated that microcrack accumulation in bone leads to impaired mechanical properties. We hypothesized that microdamage accumulation is positively and linearly correlated with aExpand
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Bone mineral accrual from 8 to 30 years of age: An estimation of peak bone mass
Bone area (BA) and bone mineral content (BMC) were measured from childhood to young adulthood at the total body (TB), lumbar spine (LS), total hip (TH), and femoral neck (FN). BA and BMC values wereExpand
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Suppressed Bone Turnover by Bisphosphonates Increases Microdamage Accumulation and Reduces Some Biomechanical Properties in Dog Rib
It has been hypothesized that suppression of bone remodeling allows microdamage to accumulate, leading to increased bone fragility. This study evaluated the effects of reduced bone turnover producedExpand
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Mechanical loading thresholds for lamellar and woven bone formation
Bone formation was measured in rat tibiae after 12 days of applied loading. Bending forces were applied using a four‐point loading apparatus. Sham loads were applied at the same magnitudes as bendingExpand
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Bone Microdamage and Skeletal Fragility in Osteoporotic and Stress Fractures
The accumulation of bone microdamage has been proposed as one factor that contributes to increased skeletal fragility with age and that may increase the risk for fracture in older women. This paperExpand
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Mechanotransduction in bone: do bone cells act as sensors of fluid flow?
When compact bone is subjected to bending loads, interstitial fluid in the bone matrix flows away from regions of high compressive stress. The amount of interstitial fluid flow is strongly influencedExpand
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Sterilization of allograft bone: effects of gamma irradiation on allograft biology and biomechanics
Gamma irradiation from Cobalt 60 sources has been used to terminally sterilize bone allografts for many years. Gamma radiation adversely affects the mechanical and biological properties of boneExpand
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In vivo demonstration of load-induced fluid flow in the rat tibia and its potential implications for processes associated with functional adaptation.
Load-induced extravascular fluid flow has been postulated to play a role in mechanotransduction of physiological loads at the cellular level. Furthermore, the displaced fluid serves as a carrier forExpand
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