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Toward a New Measure of Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation, and Amotivation in Sports: The Sport Motivation Scale (SMS)
A new measure of motivation toward sport has been developed in French, namely the Echelle de Motivation vis-a-vis les Sports. Two studies were conducted to translate and validate this new measure inExpand
Self-determination and persistence in a real-life setting: toward a motivational model of high school dropout.
The model posits that teachers, parents, and the school administration's behaviors towards students influence students' perceptions of competence and autonomy, and low levels of self-determined motivation lead students to develop intentions to drop out of high school, which are later implemented, leading to actual dropout behavior. Expand
Associations Among Perceived Autonomy Support, Forms of Self-Regulation, and Persistence: A Prospective Study
According to self-determination theory, when the social context is autonomy supportive, people are motivated to internalize the regulation of important activities, and whereas when the context isExpand
Effects of Aerobic Training, Resistance Training, or Both on Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
This randomized, controlled trial showed better reduction in hemoglobin A1c values in patients who followed a combined aerobic exercise and resistance training program 3 times weekly than in patientsWho followed a program of either exercise type alone, on glycemic control and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Expand
Motivational Determinants of Flow: Contributions From Self-Determination Theory
Abstract The study examined the relationships between different types of situational motivation and flow and situational motivational determinants (perceptions of autonomy, competence, andExpand
Academic Motivation and School Performance: Toward a Structural Model
Abstract The purpose of this study was to propose and test a motivational model of school performance based on Deci and Ryan′s theoretical framework (Deci & Ryan, 1985, 1991) using structuralExpand
Promoting physical activity: development and testing of self-determination theory-based interventions
How researchers and practitioners can draw from the SDT framework to develop, implement, and evaluate intervention efforts centered on increasing physical activity levels in different contexts and different populations is highlighted. Expand
A self-determination process model of physical activity adoption in the context of a randomized controlled trial.
Abstract Objective : The PA Counseling (PAC) trial tested a primary care intervention using Self-Determination Theory (SDT) as the guiding framework. This paper presents specific results related toExpand
Testing and integrating self-determination theory and self-efficacy theory in a physical activity context
Stemming from the need for theoretical integration, this study aimed at individually testing and integrating self-determination theory (SDT) and self-efficacy theory (SET) to predict physicalExpand