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Anisotropic scaling of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence.
A quantitative estimate of the anisotropic power and scaling of magnetic field fluctuations in inertial range magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, using a novel wavelet technique applied to spacecraft measurements in the solar wind, shows for the first time that the spacecraft-frame spectrum has a spectral index near 2. Expand
Spectral Indices for Multi-Dimensional Interplanetary Turbulence at 1 AU
We examine Advanced Composition Explorer and Helios 1 data in search of evidence for an anisotropic spectrum of interplanetary magnetic and velocity field fluctuations. Specifically, we focus on theExpand
Spacecraft observations of solar wind turbulence: an overview
Spacecraft measurements in the solar wind offer the opportunity to study magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence in a collisionless plasma in great detail. We review some of the key results of the studyExpand
Cosmic-ray streaming and anisotropies
The principal result of this paper is the demonstration that in interplanetary space the electric-field drifts and convective flow parallel to the magnetic field of cosmic-ray particles combine as aExpand
Detailed Fit of ``Critical Balance'' Theory to Solar Wind Turbulence
We derive the reduced spectrum of turbulent magnetic fluctuations at different frequencies f which would be observed by a single spacecraft in the solar wind when the magnetic field was at an angleExpand
The Compton-Getting effect for cosmic-ray particles and photons and the Lorentz- invariance of distribution functions
Abstract The anisotropy introduced by the motion of an observer with velocity V through a particle or photon flux is derived from the Lorentz-invariance of distribution functions in phase space. TheExpand
The equilibrium anisotropy in the flux of 10‐MeV solar flare particles and their convection in the solar wind
The portion of an anisotropy, in the flux of cosmic rays in the interplanetary medium, that arises from the motion of the solar wind plasma is in the same direction as the flow of the solar wind andExpand
Large‐scale speed fluctuations at 1 AU on scales from 1 hour to ≈1 year: 1999 and 1995
[1] This paper describes the solar wind speed fluctuations, V(τi), observed on a wide range of scales (from 1 hour to ≈1 year) at 1 AU, both during 1999 approaching solar maximum and during 1995Expand
The Turbulent Cascade at 1 AU: Energy Transfer and the Third-Order Scaling for MHD
We perform a test of MHD turbulent cascade theory in the solar wind and directly evaluate the contribution of local turbulence to heating the solar wind at 1 AU. We look at turbulent fluctuations inExpand