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Whispering gallery mode sensors.
A comprehensive overview of sensor technology exploiting optical whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonances by detailing the fundamental principles and theory of WGMs in optical microcavities and the transduction mechanisms frequently employed for sensing purposes. Expand
Single-molecule nucleic acid interactions monitored on a label-free microcavity biosensor platform.
This work introduces a biosensing platform using optical microcavity-based sensors that exhibits single-molecule sensitivity and is selective to specific single binding events, mitigating the need for high binding affinity and avoiding permanent binding of target molecules to the receptors. Expand
Dielectric tuning and coupling of whispering gallery modes using an anisotropic prism
Optical whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators are a powerful and versatile tool in many branches of science. Fine-tuning of the central frequency and linewidth of individual resonances is,Expand
Optimal Frames for Polarization State Reconstruction.
Optimal measurement schemes for nonlinear measurands of degree t are hence also considered and found to correspond to spherical 2t designs, thereby constituting a generalization of the concept of mutually unbiased bases. Expand
Computational methods in vectorial imaging
In the search for higher resolution, modern day imaging systems frequently employ objective lenses with a high numerical aperture. Propagation of light through such lenses introduces a spatialExpand
Nanoparticle-assisted STED nanoscopy with gold nanospheres.
We demonstrate stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy with 20 nm gold nanospheres coated by fluorescently doped silica. We demonstrate significantly improved spatial resolution down to 75Expand
Integrated plasmonic metasurfaces for spectropolarimetry.
This paper demonstrates a novel chip-scale device suitable for simultaneous polarization and spectral measurements through use of six integrated plasmonic metasurfaces, which diffract light with a given polarization state and spectral component into well-defined spatial domains. Expand
Spectral broadening in Brillouin imaging
Brillouin microscopy is an emerging imaging modality that provides fundamental information about mechanical properties of media in a non-contact manner. To date, low numerical aperture (NA) opticsExpand
Polarization-resolved second harmonic generation microscopy with a four-channel Stokes-polarimeter.
A calibration technique allowing quantitative measurement of polarization parameters, such as the degree of polarization (DOP), degree of linear polarization, degree of circular polarization, as well as anisotropy from the acquired Stokes parameters is implemented. Expand
Optimizing detection limits in whispering gallery mode biosensing.
A theoretical analysis of detection limits in swept-frequency whispering gallery mode biosensing modalities based on application of the Cramér-Rao lower bound finds that slightly under-coupled cavities outperform critically and over coupled ones. Expand