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VISION: a video and image dataset for source identification
We present a new dataset of native images and videos captured with 35 modern smartphones/tablets © The Author(s). Expand
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Detection of video double encoding with GOP size estimation
We introduce a new forensic footprint and propose a method for detecting whether a video has been encoded twice; if this is the case, we also estimate the size of the Group Of Pictures (GOP) employed during the first encoding. Expand
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A video forensic technique for detecting frame deletion and insertion
We propose a method for detecting insertion and deletion of whole frames in digital videos. Expand
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Hiding traces of median filtering in digital images
  • M. Fontani, M. Barni
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 20th European Signal…
  • 18 October 2012
We introduce a counter-forensic technique that allows to conceal traces left by median filtering while preserving the quality of the processed image. Expand
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Gold(III) complexes as potential antitumor agents: solution chemistry and cytotoxic properties of some selected gold(III) compounds.
Gold(III) complexes generally exhibit interesting cytotoxic and antitumor properties, but until now, their development has been heavily hampered by their poor stability under physiologicalExpand
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A Framework for Decision Fusion in Image Forensics Based on Dempster–Shafer Theory of Evidence
In this work, we present a decision fusion strategy for image forensics. Expand
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An overview on video forensics
This paper provides an overview of the existing video processing techniques, considering all the possible alterations that can be operated on a single signal and also the possibility of identifying the traces that could reveal important information about its origin and use. Expand
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A universal technique to hide traces of histogram-based image manipulations
We propose a universal counter-forensic technique for concealing traces left on the image histogram by any processing tool. Expand
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Second-Order Statistics Analysis to Cope With Contrast Enhancement Counter-Forensics
We propose a novel forensic technique based on the study of second-order statistics derived from the co-occurrence matrix, which is very effective even in the presence of counter-forensic attacks. Expand
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On the mechanism of the antitumor activity of ferrocenium derivatives
Abstract Contradictory results exist in the literature about the antineoplastic activity of ferrocenes and their ferrocenium salts; additionally, little is known about the mechanism by which suchExpand
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