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Adiponectin Receptor-1 C-Terminal Fragment (CTF) in Plasma: Putative Biomarker for Diabetes
IntroductionPolypeptide fragments from cell surface receptors when found in plasma may be indicators of receptor regulation in disease conditions. It is known that subjects with diabetes haveExpand
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The anti-oxidant capacity of green tea polyphenols in the oral cavity
Green tea polyphenols have attracted considerable attention in the past 20 years as potential therapeutics in the prevention of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.Expand
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Adolescent Scoliosis 1A001: Radiographic Results of Selecting the Touched Vertebra as the Lowest Instrumented Vertebra in Lenke Type 1 (Main Thoracic) & Type 2 (Double Thoracic) Curves at a Minimum
Introduction: A prior study showed the touched vertebra (TV), defined as the most cephalad thoracolumbar/lumbar vertebra “touched” by the center sacral vertical line (CSVL), as a potential landmarkExpand
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