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Genotoxic effect of cadmium is associated with apoptotic changes in tobacco cells
SUMMARY This work explores the influence of cadmium on a suspension cell culture of Nicotiana tabacum (TBY-2) by examining cell morphology, viability and DNA integrity. Changes in these parametersExpand
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Identification of Nucleolus-Associated Chromatin Domains Reveals a Role for the Nucleolus in 3D Organization of the A. thaliana Genome.
The nucleolus is the site of rRNA gene transcription, rRNA processing, and ribosome biogenesis. However, the nucleolus also plays additional roles in the cell. We isolated nucleoli usingExpand
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Development of IFN-γ resistance is associated with attenuation of SOCS genes induction and constitutive expression of SOCS 3 in melanoma cells
The resistance to interferons (IFNs) limits their anticancer therapeutic efficacy. Here we studied the evolution of an IFN-resistant state in vitro using melanoma cell lines. We found that the cellsExpand
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Hypomethylating drugs efficiently decrease cytosine methylation in telomeric DNA and activate telomerase without affecting telomere lengths in tobacco cells
Telomere homeostasis is regulated at multiple levels, including the local chromatin structure of telomeres and subtelomeres. Recent reports demonstrated that a decrease in repressive chromatin marks,Expand
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Interferon-alpha treatment may negatively influence disease progression in melanoma patients by hyperactivation of STAT3 protein.
Interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) is an important drug used in anti-melanoma therapy. However, metastases eventually reappear in almost 60% of melanoma patients, who have received adjuvant cytokineExpand
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Compromised telomere maintenance in hypomethylated Arabidopsis thaliana plants
Telomeres, nucleoprotein structures at the ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes, are important for the maintenance of genomic stability. Telomeres were considered as typical heterochromatic regions,Expand
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Dedifferentiation of Tobacco Cells Is Associated with Ribosomal RNA Gene Hypomethylation, Increased Transcription, and Chromatin Alterations1[w]
Epigenetic changes accompanying plant cell dedifferentiation and differentiation are reported in 35S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). There was a reduction of CG and CNGExpand
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Epigenetic Switch from Posttranscriptional to Transcriptional Silencing Is Correlated with Promoter Hypermethylation1
Changes in the distribution of methylcytosine residues along a transgene locus of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) in relation to the type of gene silencing were studied in parental plant leaves, calli,Expand
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SUV39h‐ and A‐type lamin‐dependent telomere nuclear rearrangement
Telomeres are specialized chromatin structures that are situated at the end of linear chromosomes and play an important role in cell senescence and immortalization. Here, we investigated whetherExpand
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Holokinetic centromeres and efficient telomere healing enable rapid karyotype evolution
Species with holocentric chromosomes are often characterized by a rapid karyotype evolution. In contrast to species with monocentric chromosomes where acentric fragments are lost during cellExpand
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