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Ethambutol. Synthesis of an unsaturated analog.
A new class of penems, the 2-heterocyclyl(thio)methyl derivatives.
Sir: Within our primary program specifically oriented to the synthesis of new "2-CH2-X" penem compounds'), we have been engaged in an extensive work=.3> directed towards the simultaneous insertion of
Antibacterial activity of novel broad-spectrum "(5R)-penem" derivatives.
: Aclacinomycin A, a new anthracycline antitumor antibiotic, was given to rabbits by single instillation or single intracutaneous injection and to guinea pigs by single subcutaneous or intramuscular
A new synthetic approach towards adriamycin
An improved route to 3,4-dihydro-2-phenylnaphtho[1,8-b,c]furan-5-one (2) and a convenient preparation of furan-3,4-dicarbaldehyde (4) are described. The dihydro-derivative of (2) was condensed with
Synthesis of new orally absorbed penem esters, structurally related to thienamycin and cephamycins
Synthese des carbamoyloxymethyl-2 hydroxy-1' ethyl-6 penemecarboxylate-3 de pivaloyloxymethyle et d'acetoxymethyle a partir de l'oxyde-1 de t-butyldimethylsiloxy-1' ethyl-6 penicillanate de methyle
Synthesis of optically active (5R)-2-penem-3-carboxylates from penicillanic acid derivatives: new potent anti-bacterial agents
A novel synthesis of optically active (5R)-2-penem-3-carboxylates (1a–d)(same configuration as in natural penicillins) starting from the penicillanic acid derivative (3), is described.