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Depletion of 13C in lignin and its implications for stable carbon isotope studies
Stable carbon isotope compositions of organic matter are now widely used to trace carbon flow in ecosystems, and have been instrumental in shaping current perceptions of the importance of terrestrial
The Effects of Sample Treatment and Diagenesis on the Isotopic Integrity of Carbonate in Biogenic Hydroxylapatite
The study of the isotopic composition of structural carbonate in fossil vertebrate hydroxylapatite has been hampered by uncertainty concerning sample treatment and arguments about the susceptibility
Photosynthetic Fractionation of the Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Carbon
The results provide improved estimates of discrimination factors in several reactions prominent in the global O cycle and indicate that photorespiration plays a significant part in determining the isotopic composition of atmospheric oxygen.
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry in the Delaware estuary
,Qbstract Seasonal variability in stable carbon (S’XZ) and nitrogen (b15N) isotope ratios was observed in suspended particulate matter of the Delaware estuary. Two major pools of organic matter were
The Provenances of Asteroids, and Their Contributions to the Volatile Inventories of the Terrestrial Planets
Hydrogen isotopic analysis of primitive meteorites implicates asteroids as early sources of Earth’s water and argues against an influx of water ice from the outer solar system, which has been invoked to explain the nonsolar oxygen isotopic composition of the inner solar system.
Isotope Fractionation during Primary Production
The biological source of sedimentary organic matter can be inferred from detailed chemical studies on the structure of individual molecules extracted from sediments. These inferences are drawn from
Unique Meteorite from Early Amazonian Mars: Water-Rich Basaltic Breccia Northwest Africa 7034
Detailed analysis of a meteorite shows that it matches the surface of Mars yet is unlike any other martian meteorite, which suggests the existence of multiple oxygen isotopic reservoirs within Mars.