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Fairness, responsibility, and welfare
What is a fair distribution of resources and other goods when individuals are partly responsible for their achievements? This book develops a theory of fairness incorporating a concern for personalExpand
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Beyond GDP: The Quest for a Measure of Social Welfare
This paper critically examines the various approaches to the measurement of individual well-being and social welfare that have been considered for the construction of alternatives to GDP. SpecialExpand
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Unfair inequalities in health and health care.
Inequalities in health and health care are caused by different factors. Measuring "unfair" inequalities implies that a distinction is introduced between causal variables leading to ethicallyExpand
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Redistribution and compensation
In a model where individual incomes depend on the agents' characteristics, we provide characterizations of several redistribution mechanisms. These mechanisms are designed to eliminate the effects ofExpand
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A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare
The definition and measurement of social welfare have been a vexed issue for the past century. This book makes a constructive, easily applicable proposal and suggests how to evaluate the economicExpand
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On fair compensation
This paper analyses the problems arising in the pure exchange fair division model, when some dimensions of the resources are personal, fixed, and cannot be redistributed. The remaining resources mustExpand
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Three Solutions for the Compensation Problem
Abstract A model of fair division in which differential claims are grounded in talents and handicaps is studied, and a characterization of three solutions is provided. The first two solutions,Expand
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International Comparisons of Living Standards by Equivalent Incomes
We propose a measure of living standards for international comparisons. Based on GDP per capita, the measure incorporates corrections for international flows of income, labor, risk of unemployment,Expand
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Social Welfare, Priority to the Worst-Off And the Dimensions of Individual Well-Being
When well-being is one-dimensional, the key ethical issue for the definition of social welfare is the degree of inequality aversion, which can be discussed with variants of the Pigou-Dalton transferExpand
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On the informational basis of social choice
  • M. Fleurbaey
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  • 1 October 2003
The notion of informational basis in social choice can be broadened so as to cover not only the standard notions related to interpersonal utility comparisons, but also information about utilities or preferences at (ir)relevant alternatives. Expand
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