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Isolation and ultrastructural characterization of secretory mutants of Tetrahymena thermophila.
Isolation of 14-secretory mutants (exo-) of Tetrahymena thermophila and ultrastructural characterization (freeze-fracture and thin-section) of two of these (SB255 and SB258) are described. The siteExpand
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Macronuclear genetics of Tetrahymena. I. Random distribution of macronuclear genecopies in T. pyriformis, syngen 1.
The objective of this study was to test the idea that the macronuclear (somatic) genetic information is randomly distributed at each cell division in Tetrahymena pyriformis, syngen 1. We tookExpand
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Allele-specific, selective amplification of a ribosomal RNA gene in tetrahymena thermophila
The amplification of ribosomal DNA during development of the somatic macronucleus in Tetrahymena thermophila was analyzed by genetic and molecular biological techniques. We have identified anExpand
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Use of genomic exclusion to isolate heat-sensitive mutants in Tetrahymena.
We have used the abnormal form of conjugation known as "genomic exclusion" to isolate a collection of heat-sensitive mutants of Tetrahymena pyriformis, syngen 1. Growth at room temperature inExpand
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Osmotic shock prevents nuclear exchange and produces whole-genome homozygotes in conjugating Tetrahymena.
Exposure of conjugating Tetrahymena to a hyperosmotic shock blocks the exchange of gametic nuclei and produces self-fertilized exconjugants that are homozygous for their whole genome. Cells areExpand
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Axenic storage of small volumes of Tetrahymena cultures under liquid nitrogen: A miniaturized procedure.
  • M. Flacks
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  • 1 June 1979
Abstract A method for freezing and storing samples of Tetrahymena thermophila in short lengths of Teflon tubing is described. Survival rates of the organism frozen with this technique are sufficientExpand
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