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The Definition and Assessment of Political Risk in International Business: A Review of the Literature
The evolution of a body of knowledge concerned with the definition and assessment of political risk has been uncoordinated, due to the absence of a consensus regarding the conceptual framework onExpand
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Under what conditions would the democracies in Northeast Asia seek to join the nuclear weapons club? Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are threshold nuclear powers by virtue of their robust civilianExpand
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Adult adjustment of survivors of institutional child abuse in Ireland.
OBJECTIVE To document the adult adjustment of survivors of childhood institutional abuse. METHOD Two hundred and forty-seven adult survivors of institutional abuse with a mean age of 60 wereExpand
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The Lausanne accord buys time, but will be only one step in a long process of neutralising Iran's nuclear challenge.
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Knowledge, Attitudes And Behavior Related To Sexuality In Adolescents With Chronic Disability
This study explored the level of knowledge, attitudes and activity related to sexuality in a group of adolescents and young adults with myelomeningocele, a group of matched controls and a group ofExpand
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Sanctions on Iran: Defining and Enabling ‘Success’
concerned about this prospect have centred on sanctions as their favoured policy tool. Critics find this foolhardy because they see no obvious signs that sanctions are working, other than to imposeExpand
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Profiles of adult survivors of severe sexual, physical and emotional institutional abuse in Ireland
Adult survivors of institutional abuse were interviewed with a comprehensive assessment protocol which included the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, the Institutional Child Abuse Processes andExpand
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Profiles of resilient survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland
In a group of 247 survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland, 45 cases (18%) did not meet the diagnostic criteria for common DSM IV axis I or II disorders. This resilient group was compared with aExpand
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Assessing Iran's nuclear programme
The many indicators of military involvement in Iran's nuclear programme strongly suggest that Iran seeks more than just a latent nuclear-weapons capability, although not necessarily an all-outExpand
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