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Convolutional Neural Networks for Counting Fish in Fisheries Surveillance Video
We present a computer vision tool that analyses video from a CCTV system installed on fishing trawlers to monitor discarded fish catch. The system aims to support expert observers who review theExpand
An adaptive algorithm for image restoration using combined penalty functions
In this paper, we present an adaptive gradient based method to restore images degraded by the effects of both noise and blur. Expand
Otolith shape and size: The importance of age when determining indices for fish-stock separation
Abstract Stock-separation of highly mobile Clupeids (sprat – Sprattus sprattus and herring – Clupea harengus ) using otolith morphometrics was explored. Analysis focused on three stock discriminationExpand
Retinal vessel segmentation using multi-scale textons derived from keypoints
This paper presents a retinal vessel segmentation algorithm which uses a texton dictionary to classify vessel/non-vessel pixels. Expand
Evaluation of 3-D Printed Immobilisation Shells for Head and Neck IMRT
This paper presents the preclinical evaluation of a novel immobilization system for patients undergoing external beam radiation treatment of head and neck tumors. An immobilization mask isExpand
Visualising error surfaces for adaptive filters and other purposes
We convert multi-dimensional complex error surfaces into two-dimensional trees where the leaf nodes are local minima and other nodes represent decision points such as saddle points and points of inflection. Expand
Improving ASM Search Using Mixture Models for Grey-Level Profiles
We present an improved ASM methodology, in which the profiles are modelled as a mixture of Gaussians, and the probability that a sample is from the distribution is calculated using the probability density function of the mixture model. Expand
Scale-space Trees and Applications as Filters for Stereo Vision and Image Retrieval
Images are re-mapped as scale-space trees. The minimal data structure is then augmented by “complement nodes” to increase the practical value of the representation. It is then shown how the resultingExpand
An Efficient Implementation of Max Tree with Linked List and Hash Table
The max tree is a multi-scale image representation based in mathematical morphology which has been applied to image filtering, segmentation, tracking and information retrieval. Expand
Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Gabor Filter and Textons
This paper presents a retinal vessel segmentation method that is inspired by the human visual system and uses a Gabor filter bank. Expand