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Accurate Model for Predicting Adsorption of Olefins and Paraffins on MOFs with Open Metal Sites
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have shown tremendous potential for challenging gas separation applications, an example of which is the separation of olefins from paraffins. Some of the mostExpand
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Molecular and microscopical studies in the Phellinus pini group
Thirteen taxa of the Phellinus pini group from Europe (P pini, P. chrysoloma), North America (P. piceinus, intersterility groups N-II . . . N-VII), Mo- rocco (P cf. vorax), and Asia (intersterilityExpand
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Synthesis of fluorinated maltose derivatives for monitoring protein interaction by 19F NMR
Summary A novel reporter system, which is applicable to the 19F NMR investigation of protein interactions, is presented. This approach uses 2-F-labeled maltose as a spy ligand to indirectly probeExpand
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Tunable coupling of transmission-line microwave resonators mediated by an rf SQUID
We realize tunable coupling between two superconducting transmission line resonators. The coupling is mediated by a non-hysteretic rf SQUID acting as a flux-tunable mutual inductance between theExpand
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Crystal chemical characterization of mullite-type aluminum borate compounds
Abstract Al-rich aluminum borates were prepared by different synthesis routes using various Al/B ratios, characterized by diffraction methods, spectroscopy and prompt gamma activation analysis. TheExpand
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Permanganate Oxidation Revisited: Synthesis of 3‐Deoxy‐2‐uloses via Indium‐Mediated Chain Elongation of Carbohydrates
Application of the Barbier-type indium-mediated allylation method to suitable substrates offers access to carbohydrates bearing a terminal olefin moiety. The C-C bond forming reaction generates aExpand
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