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A psychometric exploration of an Italian translation of the SCOFF questionnaire.
The SCOFF is a quick and simple screening tool for eating disorders (EDs), intended for use by those who are not specialists in the field. The purpose of the present study is to explore theExpand
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Access to Care for Dementia Patients Suffering From COVID-19
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The phantom and the supernumerary phantom limb: historical review and new case
The way we experience the world is determined by the way our brain works. The phantom limb phenomenon, which is a delusional belief of the presence of a non-existent limb, has a particularExpand
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Disordered gambling and dementia
Abstract Disordered gambling is a term used to describe the full range of gambling problems, which includes pathological and sub-clinical gambling. Pathological gambling is a psychiatric disorderExpand
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Uncommon and/or bizarre features of dementia. Part II
In the past decades, clinicians have recognized that dementia may appear as atypical or variant syndromes, as well as the typical form. This study aimed at describing uncommon or bizarreExpand
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Pain and Dementia. A Brief Review
Background: Advanced age is associated with increased prevalence of pain and of dementia. Objective: To describe the phenomenon of pain in dementia. Methods: A systematic research (Cochrane LibraryExpand
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Uncommon and/or bizarre features of dementia: Part III
Clinical neurologists have long recognized that dementia can present as atypical or variant syndromes/symptoms. This study aimed at describing uncommon or bizarre symptoms/syndromes observed inExpand
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Daily functioning and dementia
Abstract. Dementia is characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and in other cognitive domains that affect a person’s ability to perform everyday activities and socialExpand
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