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Political Polarization in the American Public
For more than two decades political scientists have discussed rising elite polarization in the United States, but the study of mass polarization did not receive comparable attention until fairlyExpand
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Congress, keystone of the Washington establishment
This highly readable book makes a strong case that a Washington establishment does exist and that members of Congress are responsible for it. Fiorina's description of the self-servingExpand
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Civic Engagement in American Democracy
American democracy is in many ways more vital than ever before. Advocacy groups proliferate and formerly marginalized groups enjoy new opportunities. But worrisome trends exist. Millions of AmericansExpand
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Polarization in the American Public: Misconceptions and Misreadings
A lthough we are surprised that Abramowitz and Saunders continue to advance arguments that we have rebutted in other publications, we are grateful to the Journal for providing another opportunity toExpand
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S since World War II, divided government has become increasingly common in the American states. A significant component of the increase is the deterioration of Republican fortunes in stateExpand
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Committee Decisions under Majority Rule: An Experimental Study
This article reports the findings of a series of experiments on committee decision making under majority rule. The committee members had relatively fixed preferences, so that the process was one ofExpand
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Legislative choice of regulatory forms: Legal process or administrative process?
SummaryA paper like this does not lend itself to conclusions. The unifying theme of the paper is a question: when and why does Congress choose to modify social and/or economic behavior byExpand
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Civic Participation and the Equality Problem
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The Vanishing Marginals and Electoral Responsiveness
Nearly two decades ago researchers pointed out the sharp decline in marginal districts in elections for the US House of Representatives. That observation led to an outpouring of research describingExpand
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