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Pertactin beta-helix folding mechanism suggests common themes for the secretion and folding of autotransporter proteins.
The results presented here suggest a general mechanism for autotransporter secretion, which might serve as a template for the formation of native protein during OM secretion; hence, vectorial folding of the beta-helix could contribute to the energy-independent translocation mechanism.
Sequence and structure analysis of end-labeled RNA with nucleases.
Transcriptional regulation of sporulation genes in yeast
It is concluded that SPR1, SPR2 and SPR3 transcription is modulated during sporulation, possibly in response to earlier events in the process.
Dependence of inessential late gene expression on early meiotic events in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
It is shown below that strains homozygous for null alleles of SPR3 are capable of normal meiosis and the production of viable ascospores, and that SPR3 expression is a valid monitor of early meiotic development, even though the gene is inessential for the sporulation process.
Reduced‐confinement antennas for GaAlAs integrated optical waveguides
Monolithically integrated reduced‐confinement antennas are shown to produce reductions of >35% in the far‐field beam divergence for radiation emitted from single‐mode GaAlAs slab waveguides, yielding
New capping technique for zone‐melting recrystallization of silicon‐on‐insulator films
A new capping technique employing high‐temperature NH3 annealing has been developed to ensure uniform wetting by the molten Si zone during zone‐melting recrystallization of Si‐on‐insulator films. By
Low resistance Pd/Ge/Au and Ge/Pd/Au ohmic contacts to n‐type GaAs
We have fabricated Pd/Ge/Au and Ge/Pd/Au sintered ohmic contacts on n‐type GaAs. These contacts have specific resistances similar to those of conventional Ni/Ge/Au alloyed ohmic contacts, but their
Elastic strain energy associated with the “A” surfaces of the III–V compounds
Abstract {111} Wafers of InSb with a thickness of the order of 10 μ are spontaneously bent, the A surface being convex. Such bending results from the elastic strain energy associated with the