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Reinvestigating Remarriage: Another Decade of Progress
The article presents an overview of research and theory on remarriages and stepfamilies published in the 1990s. Remarriage is a term that encompasses several different types of relationships--bothExpand
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Maternal intrusiveness, maternal warmth, and mother-toddler relationship outcomes: variations across low-income ethnic and acculturation groups.
The present study investigated the extent to which maternal intrusiveness and warmth during play, observed in 579 European American, 412 African American, and 110 more and 131 less acculturatedExpand
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Correlates and consequences of spanking and verbal punishment for low-income white, african american, and mexican american toddlers.
This study examined the prevalence, predictors, and outcomes of spanking and verbal punishment in 2,573 low-income White, African American, and Mexican American toddlers at ages 1, 2, and 3. BothExpand
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Reflections on Determining Authorship Credit and Authorship Order on Faculty-Student Collaborations
The purpose of this article is to explore the process of determining authorship credit and authorship order on collaborative publications with students. The article presents hypothetical cases thatExpand
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Consistency in Perceptions of the Step-Parent Role among Step-Parents, Parents and Stepchildren
The purposes of this study were to determine the degree of consistency in stepfamily members' perceptions of the step-parent role, to examine the relation between the degree of consistency in roleExpand
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Examining Ethnic Identity among Mexican-Origin Adolescents Living in the United States
This study used structural equation modeling to test a model of ethnic identity development among 513 Mexican-origin adolescents living in the United States. The model examined the influence ofExpand
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The relation between gender and negative attitudes toward gay men and lesbians: Do gender role attitudes mediate this relation?
This study examined whether traditional gender role attitudes mediated the relation between gender and negative attitudes toward gay men and lesbians. One hundred and fifty-five heterosexual collegeExpand
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Reckless driving in adolescence: 'state' and 'trait' factors.
Reckless driving practices were studied among 139 high school students aged 17-18. A majority of both boys and girls reported driving at high speeds, and a majority of boys reported racing in a carExpand
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Methodological Implications of Grouping Latino Adolescents into One Collective Ethnic Group
This study examined the methodological appropriateness of categorizing Latinos as a homogenous population when assessing ethnic identity, self-esteem, emotional autonomy, and familial ethnicExpand
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Stepparents' Affinity-Seeking and Affinity-Maintaining Strategies With Stepchildren
The purposes of this study were to examine the strategies that stepparents use to develop and maintain affinity with stepchildren and the effects that these strategies have on the development ofExpand
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