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NF-κB transcription factor induces drug resistance through MDR1 expression in cancer cells
A role for NF-κB in the regulation of the mdr1 gene expression in cancer cells and in drug resistance is demonstrated and a consensus NF-σB binding site in the first intron of the human mdr 1 gene is identified and NF-β complexes could bind with this intronic site. Expand
Inhibition of ceramide-redox signaling pathway blocks glomerular injury in hyperhomocysteinemic rats.
The view that de novo ceramide production is involved in Hcys-induced NAD(P)H oxidase activity in the kidney of hHcys rats is supported and the important role of ceramide-mediated redox signaling in hHCys- induced glomerular injury in rats is indicated. Expand
Proteomic mass spectra classification using decision tree based ensemble methods
A systematic approach based on decision tree ensemble methods is proposed, which is used to automatically determine proteomic biomarkers and predictive models for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases and the results suggest that the methodology can handle a broad class of similar problems. Expand
Biomarker discovery for inflammatory bowel disease, using proteomic serum profiling.
Four biomarkers showing important diagnostic value were purified, identified and two of them were detected in sera by classical methods, and may reveal to be helpful for IBD classification and etiology understanding. Expand
Volumetric absorptive microsampling: Current advances and applications.
  • M. Kok, M. Fillet
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 5 January 2018
This review covers the general aspects related with the use of VAMS and its applicability is demonstrated through examples. Expand
Chronic fluoxetine treatment and maternal adversity differentially alter neurobehavioral outcomes in the rat dam
Investigating how a commonly used SSRI, fluoxetine, affects neurobehavioral outcomes in the mother using a model of maternal adversity provides important information on how SSRIs may act on the behavior, physiology, and neural plasticity of the mother. Expand
Enantiomeric separations of drugs using mixtures of charged and neutral cyclodextrins.
An overview on the use of mixtures of neutral and charged cyclodextrins as chiral additives for the enantioseparation of drugs by capillary electrophoresis is presented and typical examples of applications in the pharmaceutical field, based on the simultaneous use of a charged (cationic or anionic) and neutral Cyclodextrin systems are described. Expand
Separation of propranolol enantiomers by CE using sulfated β‐CD derivatives in aqueous and non‐aqueous electrolytes: Comparative CE and NMR study
The enantiomers of propranolol were resolved using CE in aqueous and non‐aqueous methanolic BGEs with two single isomer sulfated derivatives of β‐CD, namely heptakis (2,3‐diacetyl‐6‐sulfo)‐β‐CD and heptaki (2',3‐dimethyl‐6-sulfO)‐α‐CD. Expand
DERP6 (ELP5) and C3ORF75 (ELP6) Regulate Tumorigenicity and Migration of Melanoma Cells as Subunits of Elongator*
DERP6/ELP5 and C3ORF75/ ELP6 are identified as key players for migration, invasion and tumorigenicity of melanoma cells, as integral subunits of Elongator. Expand
Development of a non-surfactant parenteral formulation of miconazole by the use of cyclodextrins
Abstract Miconazole is an antimycotic drug exhibiting a very poor water solubility ( μ g/ml). It has been shown that cyclodextrins (CDs) are able to form inclusion complexes with miconazole and thatExpand