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Iron availability affects mcyD expression and microcystin-LR synthesis in Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806.
The results indicate that iron deficiency could be one of the inducing factors of the microcystin synthesis, and for the first time, increased transcription of an essential mcy gene and correlative microcyStin synthesis has been established.
Identification of free-living amoebae and amoeba-associated bacteria from reservoirs and water treatment plants by molecular techniques.
The results highlight the importance of amoebae in natural waters as reservoirs of potential pathogens and its possible role in the spread of bacterial genera with interest in public and environmental health.
Identification of a Ferric uptake regulator from Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806.
DNA sequence analysis confirmed the presence of a 183 amino-acid open reading frame that showed high identity with Fur proteins reported for cyanobacteria, and the expression of Fur in Microcystis was induced about twofold in iron-deficient conditions.
Functional Replacement of Ferredoxin by a Cyanobacterial Flavodoxin in Tobacco Confers Broad-Range Stress Tolerance[W]
The use of Fld provides new tools to investigate the requirements of photosynthesis in planta and to increase plant stress tolerance based on the introduction of a cyanobacterial product that is free from endogenous regulation in higher plants.
Microcystin-LR synthesis as response to nitrogen: transcriptional analysis of the mcyD gene in Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806
The results show that, under laboratory conditions, an excess of nitrate triggers Microcystisaeruginosa growth without increasing the synthesis of microcystin-LR per cell.