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Biosynthetically Distinct Cytotoxic Polyketides from Setophoma terrestris.
Sixteen polyketides belonging to diverse structural classes, including monomeric/dimeric tetrahydroxanthones and resorcylic acid lactones, were isolated from an organic extract of a fungal cultureExpand
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Antimycobacterial furofuran lignans from the roots of Anemopsis californica.
Topical preparations of Anemopsis californica have been used by Native American tribes in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico to treat inflammation and infections. We report results ofExpand
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Anticancer potential of Thevetia peruviana fruit methanolic extract
BackgroundThevetia peruviana (Pers.) K. Schum or Cascabela peruviana (L.) Lippold (commonly known as ayoyote, codo de fraile, lucky nut, or yellow oleander), native to Mexico and Central America, isExpand
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Alkaloids from the Fungus Penicillium spathulatum as α-Glucosidase Inhibitors.
Benzomalvin A (1), quinolactacins A1 (2), A2 (3) and B (4), quinolonimide (5), asperphenamate (6), and a new halogenated polyhydroxyanthraquinone, namelyExpand
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Malbrancheamide B, a novel compound from the fungus Malbranchea aurantiaca
A new indole alkaloid, namely malbrancheamide B (2), was isolated from the culture medium and mycelia of the ascomycete Malbranchea aurantiaca along with malbrancheamide (1). Structural elucidationExpand
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Calmodulin inhibitors from the fungus Emericella sp.
Two new xanthones identified as 15-chlorotajixanthone hydrate (1) and 14-methoxytajixanthone (2) were isolated from an Emericella sp. strain 25379 along with shamixanthone (3) and tajixanthoneExpand
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Chemoinformatic expedition of the chemical space of fungal products.
AIM Fungi are valuable resources for bioactive secondary metabolites. However, the chemical space of fungal secondary metabolites has been studied only on a limited basis. Herein, we report aExpand
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α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from a Xylaria feejeensis Associated with Hintonia latiflora.
Two new compounds, pestalotin 4'-O-methyl-β-mannopyranoside (1) and 3S,4R-(+)-4-hydroxymellein (2), were isolated from an organic extract of a Xylaria feejeensis, which was isolated as an endophyticExpand
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Fluorescence, circular dichroism, NMR, and docking studies of the interaction of the alkaloid malbrancheamide with calmodulin
A new malbrancheamide analogue, isomalbrancheamide B (3), along with three known compounds, malbrancheamide (1), isomalbrancheamide (2), and premalbrancheamide (4), were isolated in higher yieldsExpand
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α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Preussia minimoides ‡.
Extensive fractionation of an extract from the grain-based culture of the endophytic fungus Preussia minimoides led to the isolation of two new polyketides with novel skeletons, minimoidiones A (1)Expand
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