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Pedicle screw placement accuracy in thoracic and lumbar spinal surgery with a patient-matched targeting guide: a cadaveric study
This cadaver study indicates that pedicle screw placement with the Medacta Unconstrained Screw Technology system is accurate and should be investigated in larger in vitro and in vivo studies. Expand
The ALMA-PILS survey: first detection of methyl isocyanide (CH$_3$NC) in a solar-type protostar.
Methyl isocyanide (CH$_3$NC) is the isocyanide with the largest number of atoms confirmed in the interstellar medium (ISM), but it is not an abundant molecule, having only been detected towards aExpand
Cortical pedicle screw placement in lumbar spinal surgery with a patient-matched targeting guide: A cadaveric study.
Cortical pedicle screw placement using 3D-patient matched guides is accurate, and further clinical studies are required to confirm the radiographic and clinical effects. Expand
Three-Dimensional Patient-Specific Guides for Intraoperative Navigation for Cortical Screw Trajectory Pedicle Fixation.
PSDG for CBT screw fixation offers significant benefits, including preoperative planning; improved screw placement accuracy while minimizing cortical breach; reduction of operative time; and lower cost compared with intraoperative computed tomography-based neuronavigation, thus expanding the availability of this technique. Expand
Technical Note: 3D Planning and Patient Specific Drill Guides for Repair of Spondylolysis / L5 Pars Defect.
Utilising 3D planning software, complex surgical procedures can be pre-planned based on the patient's anatomy via CT imaging, as shown in this case with the aid of 3D printed PSDG. Expand
Telescopic strut an external fixator element
A telescopic strut for use with an external fixator comprises a tube (21) and a rod, especially a threaded rod (22) being in threaded engagement with said tube (21). The tube (21) comprises at leastExpand
Intervertebral implant with improved clamping system for clamping plate
Implante (100) intervertebral para la fusion entre dos cuerpos vertebrales de una columna vertebral que comprende: - una caja (1) de fusion, que se extiende desde un lado posterior a un ladoExpand
Polyaxial pedicle screw and fastening system kit comprising said screw
1. polyaxial pedicle screw (1), comprising: a receiving head (2) extending longitudinally from a proximal opening (20) to a distal opening (21), said reception head (2) comprising a shaped passagewayExpand