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Beta glucuronidase and hyperbilirubinaemia in breast fed infants of diabetic mothers.
A prospective study was performed comparing bilirubin concentrations in 10 breast fed term infants of diabetic mothers (IDM) to those of 10 breast fed normal term infants. The beta-glucuronidaseExpand
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Klebsiella Pneumoniae pulmonary infection with thyroid abscess: Report of a case
Thyroid abscess is a rare clinical entity, usually associated with a pyriform sinus fistula. A prompt diagnosis is important because it may progress rapidly into a life-threatening condition. WeExpand
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Betaglucuronidase andhyperbilirubinae mia inbreast fedinfants ofdiabetic mothers
prospective study wasperformed compar- ingbilirubin concentrations in10breast fed terminfants ofdiabetic mothers (IDM)to those of10breast fednormalterminfants. The,-glucuronidase concentrationsExpand
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Neurofibroma of the penis: Case report
– The reported case concerns an unusual localisation of “Royal Tumour” connected with von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis. Surgery was necessary because of the increasing difficulty of the patientExpand
Latrogenous vesico-vaginal fistulas: Technique
- The authors describe a new technique for the delayed repair of iatrogenic WF using the fibrous tissue around the fistula as a support for the suture of the bladder muscular wall. The resultsExpand