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Total synthesis and absolute configuration of minalemine A, a guanidine peptide from the marine tunicate Didemnum rodriguesi.
The total synthesis of the 3S,2S and 3R,2S diastereomers (1a and 1b) of minalemine A and the identification of the natural compound as the 3R,2S isomer is described. The key step in the synthesis isExpand
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Synthesis of a three-member array of cycloadducts in a glass microchip under pressure driven flow.
The synthesis of a series of cycloadduct products carried out in a glass microchip under pressure driven flow is presented. Initially, four different compounds were synthesized individually withExpand
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The Development of Integrated Microfluidic Chemistry Platforms for Lead Optimisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
During the last decade, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) has carried out much of the seminal work in the area of micro fluidics and micro flow assay for lead optimisation. It has pioneered andExpand
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