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Lipoid pH indicators as probes of electrical potential and polarity in micelles
Two types of fluorescent pH indicators, a hydroxycoumarin and an aminocoumarin dye, are incorporated by means of long paraffinic chain substituents to neutral, anionic, and cationic micelles. TheExpand
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The avian eggshell extracellular matrix as a model for biomineralization.
The avian eggshell is a complex, extracellularly assembled structure which contains both mineralized and non-mineralized regions. The composition of the hen eggshell organic matrix was examined byExpand
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Collagens of the chicken eggshell membranes.
An immunohistochemical analysis of the eggshell membranes shows the occurrence of type X collagen while type I collagen was not detected by using an appropriate monoclonal antibody with untreatedExpand
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Partial biochemical and immunochemical characterization of avian eggshell extracellular matrices.
There is evidence to suggest that extracellular matrix molecules, such as proteoglycans, are involved in the regulation of mineral deposition in calcifying tissues. One mineralizing system which isExpand
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Role of type X collagen on experimental mineralization of eggshell membranes.
Type X collagen is a transient and developmentally regulated collagen that has been postulated to be involved in controlling the later stages of endochondral bone formation. However, the role of thisExpand
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Escherichia coli membrane fluidity as detected by excimerization of dipyrenylpropane: sensitivity to the bacterial fatty acid profile.
A coordinated study of membrane fluidity and fatty acid composition has been carried out in Escherichia coli W3110. The lipid acyl chain profile of the bacteria, altered by growing cells in steadyExpand
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Lipid-protein interaction at the air-water interface.
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The importance of the hydrophobic interactions of local anesthetics in the displacement of polyvalent cations from artificial lipid membranes.
Abstract 1. 1. Paramagnetic cations such us europium and praseodymium allow the distinction between the NMR signals arising from internal and external trimethylammonium groups of lecithin liposomes,Expand
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Formation of micelles and membrane action of the local anesthetic tetracaine hydrochloride.
  • M. Fernández
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 27 March 1980
The formation of micelles of the local anesthetic tetracaine hydrochloride in aqueous phosphate buffer solution of pH 6.5 and ionic strength (I) 0.10 was examined at 22 degrees C by surface tensionExpand
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