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Genome Sequencing and Comparative Transcriptomics of the Model Entomopathogenic Fungi Metarhizium anisopliae and M. acridum
W Whole-genome analyses indicate that the genome structures of these two species are highly syntenic and suggest that the genus Metarhizium evolved from plant endophytes or pathogens, andTranscriptional analysis of both fungi during early infection processes provided further insights into the genes and pathways involved in infectivity and specificity. Expand
Genomic perspectives on the evolution of fungal entomopathogenicity in Beauveria bassiana
The genome of B. bassiana was sequenced and a phylogenomic analysis confirmed that ascomycete entomopathogenicity is polyphyletic, but also revealed convergent evolution to insect pathogenicity. Expand
Production, formulation and application of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana for insect control: current status.
This review summarizes the progress and achievements made in the last decade in mass production formulation and application technology of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana and provides technological details about mass production of B. bassiana in China. Expand
Characterization of Chimeric Bacillus thuringiensis Vip3 Toxins
Vip3Ac1 and its chimeric vip3 genes can be excellent candidates for engineering a new generation of transgenic plants for insect pest control and experimentally showing for the first time the lack of cross-resistance between B. thuringiensis Cry1A proteins and Vip3A toxins. Expand
Effect of fungal infection on reproductive potential and survival time of Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)
The fitted probabilities provide a full coverage of the fecundity potential of infected versus non-infected mites and are more informative than the mean fecundities. Expand
Bifunctional enhancement of a β-glucanase-xylanase fusion enzyme by optimization of peptide linkers
  • P. Lu, M. Feng
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • 16 April 2008
The results highlight, for the first time, the enhanced bifunctional activities of the Glu-Xyl fusion enzyme by optimizing the peptide linkers to separate the two moieties at a reasonable distance for beneficial interaction. Expand
A new manganese superoxide dismutase identified from Beauveria bassiana enhances virulence and stress tolerance when overexpressed in the fungal pathogen
It is highlighted for the first time that the Mn2+-cofactored, cytosolic BbSod2 contributes significantly to the virulence and stress tolerance of B. bassiana and reveals possible means to improving field persistence and efficacy of a fungal formulation by manipulating the antioxidant enzymes of a candidate strain. Expand
Survey of entomopathogenic fungi naturally infecting cereal aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) of irrigated grain crops in southwestern Idaho.
A four-year field survey of wheat, barley, and corn generated data on 10 species of fungal pathogens, including eight Entomophthorales and two Hyphomycetes recovered from 2,930 cadavers of aphids infesting grains grown under irrigation in southwestern Idaho, finding P. neoaphidis was the most prevalent species annually in populations of M. noxia and also frequently infected other hosts. Expand
New Solid-State Fermentation Chamber for Bulk Production of Aerial Conidia of Fungal Biocontrol Agents on Rice
A novel solid-state fermentation apparatus, namely an upright multi-tray conidiation chamber, was developed to facilitate the production of aerial conidia of fungal biocontrol agents, such as Beauveria bassiana, and has a high potential for bulk production ofFungal conidia. Expand
The role of three calcineurin subunits and a related transcription factor (Crz1) in conidiation, multistress tolerance and virulence in Beauveria bassiana
The altered phenotypes of the deletion mutants were associated with lower intracellular mannitol and trehalose levels, reduced overall activity of superoxide dismutases and catalases, altered cell wall composition and down-regulation of numerous phenotype-influencing genes. Expand