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The challenge of self-mutilation: a review.
  • M. Feldman
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Comprehensive psychiatry
  • 1 May 1988
The distinguishing characteristics of dermal, ocular, and genital self-mutilation illustrate the diverse clinical settings in which mutilation arises and suggest possible biologic bases for the behavior. Expand
Factitious disorder: a systematic review of 455 cases in the professional literature.
Based on the largest sample of patients with factitious disorder analyzed to date, the findings offer an important first step toward an evidence-based approach to the disorder. Expand
Munchausen by Internet: Detecting Factitious Illness and Crisis on the Internet
  • M. Feldman
  • Medicine
  • Southern medical journal
  • 1 July 2000
Four cases of “virtual” factitious disorder and Munchausen by proxy are presented and indicators of factitious Internet claims and the reactions that participants usually experience once the ruse is recognized are summarized. Expand
Munchausen by Internet: current perspectives and three new cases.
Access to Internet-based resources, including on-line scientific journals, health organization websites, and electronic medical records and reports, has made it easier for individuals to fabricate or induce illnesses with the high credibility necessary to receive medical treatment. Expand
Patient or Pretender: Inside the Strange World of Factitious Disorders
Terminal by Choice The Longing for Nurturance A Personal Vampire Tailspin: The Development of Factitious Illnesses Taller Tales Were Never Spoken Manipulating Mercury: Fake Fevers SensationalExpand
Malingering in the medical setting.
The physician should generally suspect malingering when there are tangible incentives and when reported symptoms do not match the physical examination or no organic basis for the physical complaints is found. Expand
Munchausen by Proxy in an international context.
The extent to which published work about Munchausen by Proxy has emerged from outside English-speaking industrialized countries is established, and the characteristics of any reported cases are determined. Expand
Fibrous Dysplasia of the Paranasal Sinuses
Three cases of FD involving the paranasal sinuses are described, including the first reported case of FD isolated to the sphenoid sinus. Expand
Concurrent factitious disorder and factitious disorder by proxy. Double jeopardy.
This work discusses a 34-year-old nurse who simulated or induced a panoply of physical and psychological ailments in both herself and her daughter, and the staff's insistence on access to outside information sources proved indispensible in establishing both diagnoses. Expand