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Light propagation in graded-index optical fibers.
An accurate numerical method is described for solving the Helmholtz equation for a general class of optical fibers. The method yields detailed information about the spatial and angular properties ofExpand
Solution of the Schrödinger equation by a spectral method
Abstract A new computational method for determining the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Schrodinger equation is described. Conventional methods for solving this problem rely on diagonalizationExpand
Ultrashort-pulse laser machining of dielectric materials
There is a strong deviation from the usual τ1/2 scaling of laser damage fluence for pulses below 10 ps in dielectric materials. This behavior is a result of the transition from a thermally dominatedExpand
Computation of mode properties in optical fiber waveguides by a propagating beam method.
The spectral analysis is made highly accurate by the use of line-shape fitting techniques and mode group delays can be determined to a precision of +/-0.12 psec/km using a computation covering a 5-cm propagation path. Expand
Ultrashort pulse lasers for hard tissue ablation
To date, lasers have not succeeded in replacing mechanical tools in many hard tissue applications. Slow material removal rates and unacceptable collateral damage has prevented such a successfulExpand
Time-dependent propagation of high energy laser beams through the atmosphere
The computation of time-dependent three-space-dimensional laser beam propagation is described. The methods are applicable to the propagation of high energy laser beams through the atmosphere in theExpand
Optical ablation by high-power short-pulse lasers
Laser-induced damage threshold measurements were performed on homogeneous and multilayer dielectrics and gold-coated optics at 1053 and 526 nm for pulse durations τ ranging from 140 fs to 1 ns. GoldExpand
Beam nonparaxiality, filament formation, and beam breakup in the self-focusing of optical beams
The paraxial wave equation, as is well known, predicts the catastrophic collapse of self-focusing beams. It is pointed out that this collapse is due to the loss of validity of the paraxial waveExpand
Plasma mediated ablation of biological tissues with nanosecond-to-femtosecond laser pulses: relative role of linear and nonlinear absorption
Plasma mediated ablation of collagen gels and porcine cornea was studied at various laser pulse durations in the range of 1 ns-300 fs at 1053-nm wavelength. It was found that pulsed laser ablation ofExpand
HF‐Based Etching Processes for Improving Laser Damage Resistance of Fused Silica Optical Surfaces
The effect of various HF-based etching processes on the laser damage resistance of scratched fused silica surfaces has been investigated. Conventionally polished and subsequently scratched fusedExpand