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The Moral Roots of Environmental Attitudes
Americans’ attitudes about the environment are highly polarized, but it is unclear why this is the case. We conducted five studies to examine this issue. Studies 1a and 1b demonstrated that liberals,Expand
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Apocalypse Soon?
Though scientific evidence for the existence of global warming continues to mount, in the United States and other countries belief in global warming has stagnated or even decreased in recent years.Expand
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Gossip and Ostracism Promote Cooperation in Groups
The widespread existence of cooperation is difficult to explain because individuals face strong incentives to exploit the cooperative tendencies of others. In the research reported here, we examinedExpand
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The virtues of gossip: reputational information sharing as prosocial behavior.
Reputation systems promote cooperation and deter antisocial behavior in groups. Little is known, however, about how and why people share reputational information. Here, we seek to establish theExpand
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Liberating Reason From the Passions
A classic problem in moral psychology concerns whether and when moral judgments are driven by intuition versus deliberate reasoning. In this investigation, we explored the role of reappraisal, anExpand
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Flustered and faithful: embarrassment as a signal of prosociality.
Although individuals experience embarrassment as an unpleasant, negative emotion, the authors argue that expressions of embarrassment serve vital social functions, signaling the embarrassedExpand
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Gossip as an effective and low-cost form of punishment.
The spreading of reputational information about group members through gossip represents a widespread, efficient, and low-cost form of punishment. Research shows that negative arousal states motivateExpand
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Beta and return: One-day effect
This study presents two extreme single-day drops in stock prices due to systematic risk shocks to the market: the Asian crisis of 1st September, 1998, and the 11th September, 2001, terrorist attack.Expand
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Gut check: reappraisal of disgust helps explain liberal-conservative differences on issues of purity.
Disgust plays an important role in conservatives' moral and political judgments, helping to explain why conservatives and liberals differ in their attitudes on issues related to purity. We examinedExpand
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