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The Climate of Ethiopia
Several papers have been published on different issues regarding the climate of Ethiopia or of some specific region. This presentation attempts to revise the knowledge of the climate of Ethiopia byExpand
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Soil erosion in the Zim Potok watershed, Polimlje river basin, Montenegro.
The negative impact of sediments on the environment and water resources is widely acknowledged with many watercourses in Montenegro and in the South Eastern European Region. To reduce sedimentExpand
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Meander hydromorphology of ephemeral streams : similarities and differences with perennial rivers
Abstract The geomorphology, hydrology and processes of ephemeral streams are poorly known and studies on the geomorphic characteristics of ephemeral meandering streams (EMS) are even lessExpand
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Global change and river flow in Italy
Abstract The hydrological data of 23 flow gauges, evenly distributed across the Italian territory and covering almost 40% of it, have been analyzed in order to verify the occurrence of temporalExpand
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Extremely dry and warm conditions in northern Italy during the year 2015: effects on the Po river water
The presented research highlights relationships between the climatic anomalies that occurred in northern Italy in 2015 and the water system of Po river. We investigated the effect of anomalous highExpand
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Skiability conditions in several skiing complexes on Piedmontese and Dolomitic Alps
Nivo-meteorological data from six daily recording stations located in the Italian Alps (three in the Piedmont Region, to the West, and three in the Dolomites, to the East), operating since 1991 andExpand
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Preliminary Analysis of Relationships between COVID19 and Climate, Morphology, and Urbanization in the Lombardy Region (Northern Italy)
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is the most severe global health and socioeconomic crisis of our time, and represents the greatest challenge faced by the world since the end of theExpand
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Seasonal changes in dry matter yield from Karst pastures as influenced by morphoclimatic features
Pastures are strongly affected by local environmental variables in terms of their species richness, plant composition and herbage production. A multi-site monitoring study was conducted over threeExpand
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