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Microenvironment complexity and matrix stiffness regulate breast cancer cell activity in a 3D in vitro model
A strict correlation between cell viability and substrate elasticity is observed; in particular, the number of MCF-7 cells decreased constantly with increasing hydrogel elasticity, highlighting the need to adopt more realistic and a priori defined models for in vitro cancer studies. Expand
Automatic segmentation of deep intracerebral electrodes in computed tomography scans
An automated segmentation algorithm specifically designed to segment SEEG contacts from a thresholded post-implant Cone-Beam CT volume and can be used to accurately identify the neuroanatomical loci of SEEG electrode contacts by a non-expert in a fast and reliable manner is proposed. Expand
SEEG assistant: a 3DSlicer extension to support epilepsy surgery
The use of SEEG Assistant decreases the post implant processing time by more than 2 orders of magnitude, improves the quality of results and decreases, if not eliminates, errors in post implantprocessing. Expand
Consistency of EEG source localization and connectivity estimates
This is the first comprehensive assessment of the consistency of EEG source localization and functional/effective connectivity metrics across two anatomical templates, three electrical models, three inverse methods, and three software implementations. Expand
Effects of fluid flow and calcium phosphate coating on human bone marrow stromal cells cultured in a defined 2D model system.
The results obtained using a simple and controlled 2D model system may help to interpret the long-term effects of BMSC culture under perfusion within 3D porous scaffolds, where multiple experimental variables cannot be easily studied independently, and shear stresses cannot be precisely computed. Expand
Simulation of the biomechanical behavior of the skin in virtual surgical applications by finite element method
A user-friendly interface and force-displacement graphs showed how users are able to manipulate and analyze mechanical behaviors on a mechanical model rather than on a pure geometric qualitative physiological model. Expand
The GABAergic‐like system in the marine demosponge Chondrilla nucula
This study is the first indication of the existence of the GABA biosynthetic enzyme GAD and of the neurons transporter vGAT in sponges, as well as the first demonstration that the neurotransmitter GABA is released extracellularly. Expand
A model to prioritize access to elective surgery on the basis of clinical urgency and waiting time
The proposed SWALIS model allows homogeneous and standardized prioritization, enhancing transparency, efficiency and equity, and might represent a pragmatic approach towards surgical waiting lists, useful in both clinical practice and strategic resource management. Expand
A new cell-laden 3D Alginate-Matrigel hydrogel resembles human breast cancer cell malignant morphology, spread and invasion capability observed “in vivo”
Purpose of this study was the development of a 3D material to be used as substrate for breast cancer cell culture. We developed composite gels constituted by different concentrations of Alginate (A)Expand
Swimming behavior regulation by GABAB receptors in Paramecium.
These experiments suggest that baclofen modulates CR by a G protein (G(0) or G(1)) mediated inhibition of dihydropyridine-sensible calcium channels, which is related to the regulation of intracellular Ca(2+) levels. Expand