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Progress in carbon dioxide separation and capture: a review.
This article reviews the progress made in CO2 separation and capture research and engineering. Various technologies, such as absorption, adsorption, and membrane separation, are thoroughly discussed.Expand
Rapid decolorization of azo dye methyl orange in aqueous solution by nanoscale zerovalent iron particles.
Batch experiments suggest that the decolorization efficiency was enhanced with the increase of NZVI dosage and reaction temperature, but decreased with increasing initial dye concentration and initial solution pH, and studies indicated that existence of inorganic salt could inhibit thedecolorization of MO. Expand
Decolorization of an azo dye Orange G in aqueous solution by Fenton oxidation process: effect of system parameters and kinetic study.
The decolorization of OG by Fenton oxidation process followed the second-order reaction kinetics, and the apparent activation energy E, was detected to be 34.84 kJ mol(-1). Expand
Anaerobic co-digestion of biosolids and organic fraction of municipal solid waste by sequencing batch process
The co-digestion of biosolids and organic fraction of municipal solid waste was compared with the direct digestion of biosolids. Addition of organic fraction of municipal solid waste improvedExpand
Synthesis, Properties, and Environmental Applications of Nanoscale Iron-Based Materials: A Review
Due to their special properties, people have been increasingly interested in studying applications of nanoscale metal materials in environmental engineering. Literature about the current research onExpand
Evaluation of iron oxide and aluminum oxide as potential arsenic(V) adsorbents
Abstract Iron (Fe 2 O 3 ) and aluminum oxide (Al 2 O 3 ) were found to be good and inexpensive adsorbents for As(V) removal in drinking water despite their relatively small surface area. TheExpand
Degradation of azo dye Acid black 1 using low concentration iron of Fenton process facilitated by ultrasonic irradiation.
The results show that the US/Fenton can be an effective technology for the treatment of organic dyes in wastewater and the oxidation power of low concentration iron of Fenton could be significantly enhanced by ultrasonic irradiation. Expand
Coal Gasification and Its Applications
Skyrocketing energy costs have spurred renewed interest in coal gasification. Currently available information on this subject needs to be updated, however, and focused on specific coals and endExpand
Review of recent advances in carbon dioxide separation and capture
This review provides a comprehensive assessment of recently improved carbon dioxide (CO2) separation and capture systems, used in power plants and other industrial processes. Different approaches forExpand
Preparation of activated carbon from forest and agricultural residues through CO2 activation
Abstract An attempt was made to convert some agricultural and forest residues, including oak wood waste, corn hulls, and corn stover, into activated carbons. Microporous activated carbons wereExpand