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A contribution to understanding the hardening process of cemented pastefill
Mine backfill has become a common practice in many modern mining operations around the world. Pastefill is an innovative tailings management method that returns much of this waste material to theExpand
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Saturated hydraulic conductivity of cemented paste backfill
Abstract The key design parameters of cemented paste backfill (CPB, a mix of tailings, water and binder) are strongly influenced by its saturated hydraulic conductivity (permeability). However, ourExpand
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Experimental characterization of the influence of tailings fineness and density on the quality of cemented paste backfill
Mill tailing are one of the most important components of cemented paste backfill (CPB). However, there is still a lack of knowledge on the effect that tailings fineness and density has on the qualityExpand
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Thermal conductivity of cemented paste backfill material and factors affecting it
Cemented paste backfill (CPB) is extensively used in underground mine operations. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the mechanical properties of CPB. However, little attention hasExpand
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The impact of a general practice co-operative on accident and emergency services, patient satisfaction and GP satisfaction.
BACKGROUND The advent of general practice co-operatives represented a fundamental change in the delivery and organization of out-of-hours services. Concerns have been voiced that co-operatives mightExpand
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Environmental lead exposure and its relationship to traffic density among Senegalese children: a cross-sectional study
Leaded-gasoline is probably the primary source of lead (Pb) exposure in Dakar (Senegal). The present cross sectional study was undertaken to investigate the levels of Pb in Senegalese children and toExpand
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A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical model for underground cemented tailings backfill
Abstract Cemented paste backfill (CPB), a mixture of tailings, water and binder, is extensively used in underground mines worldwide for ground support and tailings disposal. The prediction of theExpand
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An evolutive elasto-plastic model for cemented paste backfill
Abstract An evolutive elasto-plastic model is developed in this research work to address the vital role of binder hydration in the evolution of the mechanical behavior and properties of cementedExpand
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Modeling the heat development in hydrating CPB structures
Abstract Cemented paste backfill (CPB) is a mixture of dewatered tailings, hydraulic binders and water. In addition to contributing to the stability of mine workplaces, CPB greatly benefits theExpand
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Access to complementary medicine via general practice.
BACKGROUND The popularity of complementary medicine continues to be asserted by the professional associations and umbrella organisations of these therapies. Within conventional medicine there areExpand
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