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X-ray fluorescence as a condition monitoring tool for copper and corrosive sulphur species in insulating oil
Currently there are no standard techniques to detect copper sulphide deposits in transformers to act as an early warning system. This paper develops and tests a procedure using X-Ray FluorescenceExpand
Deposition of thin ultrafiltration membranes on commercial SiC microfiltration tubes
Abstract Porous SiC based materials present high mechanical, chemical and thermal robustness, and thus have been largely applied to water-filtration technologies. In this study, commercial SiCExpand
Contact-based corrosion mechanism leading to copper sulphide deposition on insulating paper used in oil-immersed electrical power equipment
XPS and EDX were used to study CuxS deposition in Kraft insulating paper obtained from ageing paper samples in contact with a copper sheet, in mineral oil containing dibenzyl disulphide (DBDS).Expand
Static secondary ion mass spectrometry investigation of corrosion inhibitor Irgamet®39 on copper surfaces treated in power transformer insulating oil
Abstract Static secondary ion mass spectrometry was used to study the corrosion inhibitor Irgamet ® 39 on the surface of copper treated in insulating oils and the effect of temperature changes, byExpand
An initial study into silver corrosion in transformers following oil reclamation
The problem of corrosive sulfur is extremely well documented in the electrical power industry and to some extent remains a global problem. The presence of corrosive sulfur in transformers is widelyExpand
Substituent interference on supramolecular assembly in urea gelators: synthesis, structure prediction and NMR.
The combination of unbiased structure prediction calculations with NMR is proposed as a powerful approach to investigate the supramolecular arrangement in gel fibres and help understand the relationships between molecular structure and gel formation. Expand
Silver corrosion in transformers
The impact of corrosive sulfur on high value assets such as transformers is widely reported and can be considered a global problem. A great deal of research and development is focused on theExpand
Tracking copper sulfide formation in corrosive transformer oil
Corrosive sulfur in the last decade has been recognized as a major risk to high voltage transformers. An initial study undertaken by CIGRE on copper sulfide in transformer insulation investigatedExpand
Impact of corrosive sulfur in transformer insulation paper
In recent years a significant volume of research has been undertaken in order to understand the latest failures in oil insulated power apparatus due to deposition of copper sulfide on the conductorsExpand
Organophosphorus chemical warfare agent simulant DMMP promotes structural reinforcement of urea-based chiral supramolecular gels
Six urea-based supramolecular gels have been obtained in situ by mixing either (R)-(−)-1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl isocyanate or (±)-1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl isocyanate with various amines. This allowed aExpand