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A 13-year follow-up of treatment and snail control in an area endemic for Schistosoma mansoni in Brazil: incidence of infection and reinfection.
The incidences of Schistosoma mansoni infection and reinfection were investigated in an endemic area of Brazil (Peri-Peri, State of Minas Gerais) where chemotherapy and snail control had been usedExpand
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Anthropometric measures in relation to Schistosomiasis mansoni and socioeconomic variables.
A cross-sectional study of anthropometric measures and their association with socioeconomic variables, infection by Schistosoma mansoni, intensity of infection and splenomegaly was carried out in anExpand
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A municipal level approach to the management of schistosomiasis control in Peri-Peri, MG, Brazil.
A schistosomiasis control program was implemented between 1974/87 in Peri-Peri, MG (622 inhabitants). Molluscicide (niclosamide) was applied at three monthly intervals in water sources withExpand
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A clinico-epidemiological survey of schistosomiasis mansoni in a hyperendemic area in Minas Gerais State (Comercinho, Brazil). I. Differences in the manifestations of schistosomiasis in the town
A cross-sectional survey of schistosomiasis was done in Comercinho (Minas Gerais State, Brazil). Faecal (Kato-Katz technique) and physical examinations were performed on 90% and 79% of the populationExpand
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Evolution of schistosomiasis in an hyperendemic area of the Minas Gerais State: two cross-sectional studies.
Dois estudos seccionais da esquistossomose mansoni foram desenvolvidos na cidade de Comercinho, Estado de Minas Gerais (Brasil), com intervalo de sete anos. Em 1974 e em 1981 foram feitos exames deExpand
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Validity of selected clinical signs and symptoms in diagnosis of Schistosoma mansoni infection.
Sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive values of selected clinical signs and symptoms in the diagnosis of Schistosoma mansoni infection were evaluated in 403 individuals (69% of inhabitantsExpand
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Comparative study of Schistosoma mansoni strains isolated from patients with toxemic or intestinal forms of schistosomiasis.
Six Schistosoma mansoni strains from Belo Horizonte (three from patients with the toxemic form of schistosomiasis and three from patients with the chronic intestinal form) have been experimentallyExpand
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Factors associated with AIDS and AIDS-like syndrome among homosexual and bisexual men in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
A case-control study to determine factors associated with AIDS and AIDS-like syndrome among homosexual/bisexual men was conducted in the State of Minas Gerais (Brazil). Eighty-three per cent (45Expand
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Comparative study of Schistosoma mansoni isolated from patients with hepatosplenic and intestinal clinical forms of schistosomiasis.
Six Schistosoma mansoni isolates obtained from the same endemic area were compared experimentally; three were from patients with the hepatosplenic form and three from patients with the intestinalExpand
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