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Immersive Visualization of Abstract Information: An Evaluation on Dimensionally-Reduced Data Scatterplots
The immersive condition, however, was found to require less effort to find information and less navigation, besides providing much larger subjective perception of accuracy and engagement, resulting in overall performance benefits in both desktop and HMD-based 3D techniques.
Immersive Analytics of Dimensionally-Reduced Data Scatterplots
In this work, we evaluate the use of an HMD-based Immersive Analytics approach to explore multidimensional data. Our main hypothesis is that the benefits obtained, such as a more natural interaction
Blind Guardian: A Sonar-Based Solution for Avoiding Collisions with the Real World
This paper presents an alternative solution to sightless navigation, which relies on a simple wearable device based on ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles and on vibrotactile feedback to warn the user of nearby obstacles.
Geochemical modeling of diagenetic reactions in Snorre Field reservoir sandstones: a comparative study of computer codes
Diagenetic reactions, characterized by the dissolution and precipitation of minerals at low temperatures, control the quality of sedimentary rocks as hydrocarbon reservoirs. Geochemical modeling, a
A Visualization-based Approach for the TaxonomyBrowser Interface
This work describes a new approach for the TaxonomyBrowser's user interface, focusing on providing an easier and more intuitive method of managing and visualizing the information stored in such databases.
Interactive Visualizations to Support Randomized Clinical Trial Monitoring
A visualization-based interface is developed that assists the epidemiologists of a randomized clinical trial focused on the effects of lifestyle intervention in developing type 2 diabetes for patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and adopted user-centered design principles.
Using Visualization Techniques for Supporting Interaction with the TaxonomyBrowser Database
This work presents the new visualization-based interface of the TaxonomyBrowser system, describing the features that are available for entering data from collected specimens as well as accessing data through different visualization techniques.