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Inulin space as a measure of extracellular fluid.
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The radioisotope renogram in normal subjects.
Abstract The alterations in the contour of the I 131 -hippuran renogram recorded in normal subjects under conditions of varying rates of urine flow, PAH loading, position changes and ureteralExpand
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Effect of urine flow rate on urea reabsorption in man: urea as a "tubular marker".
GOLDSTEIN, MARVIN H., PAUL K. LENZ, AND MARVIN F. LEVITT. Efect of urine jaw rate on urea reabsorption in man: urea as a “tubular marker. ” J. Appl. Physiol. 26(5): 594-599. 1969.Studies wereExpand
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Inulin Volume of Distribution as a Measure of Extracellular Fluid in Dog and Man
Summary The volume of distribution of inulin has been determined by a priming dose and a constant intravenous infusion to insure uniform distribution throughout the extracellular space, followed byExpand
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The response of bone, connective tissue, and muscle to acute acidosis.
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Nephrolithiasis as a complication of ulcerative colitis and regional enteritis.
Excerpt The coexistence of gastrointestinal disease and renal calculi has been noted in few clinical entities. Calcium urolithiasis and upper gastrointestinal symptoms with occasional frank peptic ...
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Tubular alterations produced by osmotic diuresis with mannitol.
Excerpt Mannitol, a polyhydric alcohol of the sugar mannose, is poorly metabolized by the body (1) and is poorly reabsorbed by the renal tubules (2). It was introduced to the renal physiology labor...
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The renal concentrating defect in sickle cell disease.
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