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Faithful and Fearless: Moving Feminist Protest inside the Church and Military
Women in unifrom and women active in the church are devoted to their callings. Yet it is shown that these women often feel isolated and demeaned, confronted by challenges as subtle as condescensionExpand
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Politics and Sexual Equality: The Comparative Position of Women in Western Democracies@@@The Women's Movements of the United States and Western Europe: Consciousness, Political Opportunity, and
This text assesses the results of the women's movement over the last 20 years, comparing a range of Western societies to see where sexual stratification has altered most radically and to what extentExpand
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Organizing against violence: strategies of the Indian women's movement
IN INDIA the challenges to those engaged in building a women's movement are formidable. Activists who seek to capture political space for women's issues must work to have their voices heard alongsideExpand
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The Dark Side of American Liberalism and Felony Disenfranchisement
What can the disenfranchisement of people convicted of felonies tell us about the character of American liberalism? Felony disenfranchisement reveals a dark face of American liberal democracy that isExpand
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A new punishment regime
Agreat deal of evidence has come to light to suggest that the punishment pendulum is swinging. In the last 18 months, momentum has accelerated across the partisan divide of American politicsExpand
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Beyond zero tolerance : discrimination in military culture
Chapter 1 Introduction: Rethinking Military Culture Part 2 Constructing Military Culture Chapter 3 Discrimination and Military Cohesion: An Organizational Perspective Chapter 4 Military Folk CultureExpand
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Quand la contestation se déploiedans les institutions
Dans Faithful and Fearless (1998), la sociologue Mary Katzenstein, professeure au departement « Government » de l'universite de Cornell aux Etats-Unis, prend pour objet les mobilisations feministesExpand
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Taxing the Poor: Incarceration, Poverty Governance, and the Seizure of Family Resources
In the last decades, the American state has radically enlarged the array of policy instruments utilized in today’s governance of the poor. Most recently, through a process of outright “seizure,” theExpand
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