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Posterior calvarial vault expansion using distraction osteogenesis
ObjectivesManagement of raised intracranial pressure in syndromic multi-suture craniosynostosis by cranial vault expansion can be achieved by a number of techniques. We present our initial experienceExpand
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Changing the Home Nutrition Environment: Effects of a Nutrition and Media Literacy Pilot Intervention
The specific aim for this pilot study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a nutrition and media literacy intervention targeting elementary students and their parents. The purpose of the interventionExpand
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Empirical Modelling of Vegetation Abundance from Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Upland Peatland Restoration Monitoring
This paper aims to use airborne hyperspectral image data with ground vegetation survey data to model vegetation abundance for a degraded upland blanket bog in the United Kingdom (UK). Expand
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Tribological design constraints of marine renewable energy systems
Against the backdrop of increasing energy demands, the threat of climate change and dwindling fuel reserves, finding reliable, diverse, sustainable/renewable, affordable energy resources has become aExpand
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The employment effects of recession on couples in the UK: women's and household employment prospects and partners’ job loss
The effect that the 2008/09 recession has had on unemployment and, in particular, on the distribution of job losses across households is of key concern to policymakers. During the 1991 recessionExpand
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The Kohonen self-organizing map: an application to the study of strategic groups in the UK hotel industry
This paper examines a neural network method known as the self-organizing map (SOM). Expand
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War and memory in the twentieth century
This unique and absorbing book looks at the ways in which images and memories of war have emerged and endured in the twentieth century. Through a number of studies by the leading experts in theExpand
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Active suspension control using a novel strut and active filtered feedback: design and implementation
An active suspension control approach is designed for a quarter-vehicle suspension system using a filtered feedback control scheme and a novel compressible fluid suspension system. Expand
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Optimizing the sensitivity of the small-disc creep test to damage and test conditions
The small-creep disc test is seen as a promising solution to the problem of sampling from in-service components for remanent life estimation. However, experimental studies have revealed substantialExpand
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Artificial neural network analysis (ANNA) of prostatic transrectal ultrasound
Our purpose was to determine the diagnostic potential of a new, computerized method of interpreting transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) information by artificial neural network analysis (ANNA). This methodExpand
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