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Record-setting algal bloom in Lake Erie caused by agricultural and meteorological trends consistent with expected future conditions
In 2011, Lake Erie experienced the largest harmful algal bloom in its recorded history, with a peak intensity over three times greater than any previously observed bloom. Here we show that long-termExpand
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Assessing and addressing the re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Central basin hypoxia
article Relieving phosphorus loading is a key management tool for controlling Lake Erie eutrophication. During the 1960s and 1970s, increased phosphorus inputs degraded water quality and reducedExpand
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Interacting effects of climate change and agricultural BMPs on nutrient runoff entering Lake Erie
Abstract Agricultural best management practices (BMPs) have been implemented in the watersheds around Lake Erie to reduce nutrient transfer from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems and thus protect andExpand
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Incidental oligotrophication of North American Great Lakes.
Phytoplankton production is an important factor in determining both ecosystem stability and the provision of ecosystem goods and services. The expansive and economically important North AmericanExpand
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Internal loading of phosphorus in western Lake Erie
Abstract This study applied eight techniques to obtain estimates of the diffusive flux of phosphorus (P) from bottom sediments throughout the western basin of Lake Erie. The flux was quantified fromExpand
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Content Analysis as a Best Practice in Technical Communication Research
Content analysis is a powerful empirical method for analyzing text, a method that technical communicators can use on the job and in their research. Expand
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An Investigation into papers for digital printing
A survey of digital print providers in the U.S was conducted to identify constraints and potential solutions for improved performance and quality of digitally printed papers. Expand
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Gulf of Mexico hypoxia: exploring increasing sensitivity to nitrogen loads.
Hypoxia is a critical issue in the Gulf of Mexico that has challenged management efforts in recent years by an increase in hypoxia sensitivity to nitrogen loads. Several mechanisms have been proposedExpand
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A scenario and forecast model for Gulf of Mexico hypoxic area and volume.
For almost three decades, the relative size of the hypoxic region on the Louisiana-Texas continental shelf has drawn scientific and policy attention. During that time, both simple and complex modelsExpand
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Internal wave effects on photosynthesis: Experiments, theory, and modeling
Using field experiments and mathematical models, we tested whether internal waves enhance photosynthesis as they move phytoplankton through a nonlinear light field in situations where photosynthesisExpand
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